The Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin or VG Only Based E-Liquids

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VG Only

VG Only e-liquids by Voost™ for a premium experience using only 100% organic vegetable glycerin. Producing a sweeter tasting and considerably thicker and noticeably smoother vape experience over other brands that use other carriers such as PG or propylene glycol.  Rather than combustible elements found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vaporizers use liquid - better known as e-liquid - which is heated and produces vapor. Common e-liquids contain four main ingredients, PG, VG (Vegetable Glycerin), nicotine, and flavoring. The following article breaks down the advantages of VG Only liquid and responds to the differences from the conventional e-liquids.

What is VG Only?

E-Liquids Need A Carrier to Work Properly.

The carrier in e-liquids holds the nicotine and flavors in suspension and then turns rapidly to vapor when heated. VG or Vegetable Glycerin is one of the two main carriers found in e-liquids.

Derived from vegetable oil, VG is a natural chemical so it's appropriate for vegetarians. VG has a slightly sweeter taste and is considerably thicker than PG, or Propylene Glycol, which is the other main carrier used in e-liquids. A VG only fluid hit is noticeably smoother than a PG hit.

VG is research recognized as virtually harmless. Vegetable Glycerin is both hypoallergenic and non-carcinogenic which makes VG based e-liquids ideal for the health conscious vape connoisseur.

But VG Only isn't always enough. Not only is VOOST™ Fortified E-Liquids VG Only, but Voost uses only organic, kosher and vegan sourced vegetable glycerin for superior inhalation taste and experience.

What Type of Atomizer Do You Have?

VG Only or high VG e-liquid is notably thicker than high PG e-liquid which has important ramifications for vapers.

When you vape, the coil in the atomizer gets hot and vaporizes the e-liquid in the wick. Each time the unit is vaped, it is essential that the wick is saturated with e-liquid. The speed of this wicking process – and whether it can keep up with your vaping – is a key factor in getting a consistent vape.

High VG e-liquid is a lot thicker and doesn’t soak the wick as quickly. This means dry puffs can be a bigger problem. With high VG or VG Only e-liquids, be sure the tank is full and then exercise some patience and allow the wick to soak up the liquid for a few minutes prior to vaping.

Using high powered sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable, or other modern tanks, with larger wicking holes and generous airflow, is preferred when vaping high VG or VG Only e-liquids. For example  a 30W box mod equipped with a 0.5-ohm (sub-ohm) OCC works well.

The Advantages of Pure VG E-Liquid

Pure VG Only liquid has a great vapor production.

1. Perfect Vapor Production
The big plus-point for VG among experienced, younger generation vapers is its vapor production. VG produces much thicker, fuller vapor than PG which typically tends to be slightly wispy and anemic.

2. Intense Flavor Experience
One of the key differences between VG and PG, is that VG tastes sweeter and is much smoother. Not to mention VG is naturally derived rather than synthetic like PG. VG accentuates fruity and floral flavors such as the organic fruit nectars used in VOOST™ fortified e-liquids.

3. VG E-Liquid is Consumer Friendly
Upwards of 10% of vapers have some sort of PG sensitivity. These allergic reactions range from scratchy throats to sinus problems, headaches, and even feelings of nausea. In extreme cases, PG can cause numbness in the face and tongue, as well as selling and redness in those areas. Of course, you can easily avoid exposure by choosing 100% organic vegetable glycerin (VG) based e-liquids, such as VOOST™, by Vita Elixirs Inc.

4. Long Term Research
In addition to VG being highly compatible and consumer friendly, Vegetable Glycerin has a long well researched history of safe use. VG is used in the foods, lotions, and medical applications. Glycerin is considered non-carcinogenic, hypoallergenic and deemed generally safe by the CDC. Based on all these benefits, VG based e-liquids continues to grow in popularity, especially among those looking for healthier vaping options.

Organic Flavors and Pure VG Liquid

Organic flavors complement each pure VG liquid perfectly. For the perfect vape experience!

Mother nature knows best. Why ruin the purity of natural or organic e-liquids by keeping them in a form of antifreeze? VOOST™ USP fortified e-nectars are organically flavored carried by a 100% organic, kosher, vegan, VG base. Hand crafted combining the purest of ingredients found in nature, our e-nectars are free from artificial additives, preservatives, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, GMO’s, synthetic chemical additives and pesticides.

Voost Fortified E-Liquids