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Hello, my name is Mike James and I'm the Founder and CEO of Vita Elixirs Inc., a biotech company headquartered in New York. We manufacture liquid to vapor wellness products featuring, IVT, Inhalation Vaporization Technologies.

Being a member of the Generation X demographic, traditional tar-based cigarettes were at their peak use during the time that I was growing up. My mom was a 30 year smoker and we lost her to complications associated with emphysema at the early age of 56. This unfortunate event instilled in me compassion for those who struggle to quit and also a passion for finding healthier alternatives.

By combining my twenty-year background in health and wellness philosophy and sciences with a drive and passion to create enriched inhalable alternatives, Vita Elixirs, Inc. and VOOST™ E-Liquids were born.

Our Team at Vita Elixirs Inc. understands that the quality of the life you want starts with the quality of air that you breathe.

VOOST ™ Fortified E-liquids are 100% made in the United States and are PG, diacetyl, and nicotine free.

We use only the finest ingredients, including USDA organic certified fruit and plant flavor extracts and organic, kosher, vegetable glycerin.

If you have any questions, we're always happy to hear from you. You may feel free to email us at vitaelixirs@aol.com.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the goods. We look forward to serving yu well int the future.


Mike James
CEO & Founder
Vita Elixirs, inc.

Voost Fortified E-Liquids