Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

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How to Avoid: Vape Tastes Burnt

One minute you are in heaven, enjoying your favorite e-liquid, proud of those glorious clouds, then, without warning, you look like you took a swig on pure lemon juice. Your vape tastes burnt and you're gasping for air.

Everyone that vapes eventually experiences the infamous “burnt” taste when vaping. Especially newbies.

There could be a few reasons why vape tastes burnt sometimes, but the unpleasant phenomenon is usually the result of a dry puff.

How to Avoid the Burnt Taste When Vaping

A few factors can cause you to say, "my vape tastes burnt." Although there are many different types of vaping devices, they all essentially have the same working parts.

A battery provides power to the heating element, the atomizer, which contains a coil of wire that gets heated. The atomizer also contains a wick to absorb the e-liquid to be turned into vapor.

A dry puff occurs if the coil is heated without an adequate supply of e-liquid. The wick then becomes too hot and produces the bitter taste. The wick can also dry out if it’s not properly positioned in the chamber.

Chain vaping can also lead to dry puffs. Not allowing the heating element a moment to cool down dries out the wick. Different types of e cigs have their own temperature control mechanisms, some of which are customizable by the user.

The quality of your hardware and how you use it will greatly impact your vaping experience.

Burnt Taste with Open Vape Systems

Open tank systems and e-cig mods are more susceptible to producing dry puffs due to the level of user customization, especially when it comes to inexperienced vapers. Improper wick installation, high battery wattage, low-quality e-liquids and old coils can all cause a burnt taste when vaping.

Even the outdoor temperature can affect the performance of such devices.

It’s important to understand how your vaping device works and follow tips for vaping safely.

Burnt Taste with Prefilled Cartridges

E-cigs that use pre-filled cartridgesare less likely to make your vape taste burnt, but it still happens if the wick isn’t saturated. This can occur if the cartridge is defective or almost empty.

Before you get to that point, you should notice the flavor fading and the volume of vapor decreasing. If your vape tastes burnt, it’s definitely time to change the cartridge.

Five Simple Ways to Keep Things Fresh

  1. Cut the Coil

If your vape tastes burnt using a tank, the first question to ask is, “How old is my coil head?”

Typically, an Atomizer coil should last 2 -3 weeks. Assuming your vape was already performing how it should, chances are you have either an old or burnt coil. No matter how hot you like to vape, it shouldn’t ever burn your throat and taste like burnt cotton.

Just replace your burnt coil with a new one.

  1. Optimize Prime

Learning how to prime your coil heads will also help to get the prevent future burnt-tasting hits. First install your coil and put a few drops of e-liquid on the wick holes. Fill your tank, and let the coil sit inside of it for a half hour. It sounds like a long time, but that will maximize its performance, and it helps to not rush it.

Take your time.

Starting at the lowest setting, increase it by a few watts every puff until you find your sweet spot. Eventually you’ll find the setting that has just the right balance of heat and flavor to your liking.

  1. Ease Down Ripley

If you’re still getting a burnt taste from your vape, then try lowering the wattage on your device. A general rule of thumb is the higher the ohms, the lower the watts, and vice versa. If you are vaping at a wattage too high for your particular coil, then you’ll probably end up with a burnt coil.

You can calculate your own watts and optimal setting by using Ohms Law, or by reading the suggested ratings normally printed on the coil or in the manual.

The main rule of thumb is to vape by taste. As long as it tastes good, you’re at a good setting.

  1. Meditate Before You Inhalate

Not all atomizers are created equally. Some wick faster than others, and chances are if you are still experiencing burnt hits, you might just need to give your coils more time to wick up. If you really want to chain vape, consider searching for an atomizer that has faster wicking abilities or temp control.

Generally speaking, chain vaping isn’t as much of a problem as using the wrong draw too frequently.

  1. You Like Thick Liq?

High VG e-liquids, like VOOST™ Fortified E-Nectars, by Vita Elixirs Inc., although super pure, and super tasty, they are notably thicker than high PG e-liquid, and this has important ramifications for vapers. When you vape, the coil in the atomizer gets hot and vaporizes the e-liquid in the wick. Each time the unit is vaped, it is essential the wick is saturated with e-liquid. The speed of this wicking process – and whether it can keep up with your vaping – is a key factor in getting a consistent vape. High VG e-liquid is a lot thicker and doesn’t soak the wick as quickly. This means dry puffs and getting that burnt taste can be a bigger problem.

With High VG e-liquids, be sure the tank is full, and after the tank is filled, be patient and let the tank sit a few minutes prior to vaping while the wick soaks up the liquid. Using high powered sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable, or other modern tanks such as a 30W box mod equipped with a 0.5-ohm (sub-ohm) OCC, with larger wicking holes and generous airflow is preferred when vaping high VG e-liquids.

Voost Fortified E-Liquids